Section II covers our policies regarding collection, use and sharing of data provided by visitors to our corporate website.

Section III covers our Privacy Shield certification.

Section I – Rocket Fuel Advertising Services

Our Consumer Mission, we want digital advertising to be a useful complement to your online experience. We want to deliver personalized, well-chosen ads to help you discover things that interest you—new websites, new products, new bargains.

We are the “rocket fuel” for the web that powers this discovery. We use complex technology to pick the best ads to show, based on everything we know about the context: the ad itself, the page that needs an ad, the time of day and other external factors, and information from your browser or mobile device digital advertising identifier that we use to predict what advertising would be most relevant and interesting to you.

If we can make ads more useful and interesting for you, then we’ll also make advertising more valuable to advertisers, and your visits will make websites more money per ad, and power their investments in the websites, apps, online features and content that they provide to you for free. Fueling ad supported free content and services is an endeavor that we are proud to be a part of, and we hope you’re equally happy with the results. But if you’re not, you may learn more about opting out of personalized advertisements in the section below under “Opting Out of Personalized Advertisements.”